Loss in the Skyline NoSushi + ColeMorrall





Loss in the Skyline
by Cole Morrall

A split in the ground
I’ve heard a sound
All about you

The roots have wondered
Where their branches are
The raw stump straining towards the stars

A heavy heart for you

And it’s not just the fall you know
But the way the other things would grow
Curling up you because they could
Because you would
Be the ground for them

All the trees that lived on you
What will they do?
Slink off, unable to lift you up
Unable to arrive at the time you needed more
Only you were big enough to be the ground

I wish we could give back
Everything you gave us

I wish I could offer your stump shade
I wish I could give your roots
A place to hold up
And feel safe.

I wish I could hold you
And tell you it will be alright
But you’re already on the ground

My heart bursts in a thousand small pieces
Each begging to turn back time

How can no one save you?
How can no one see all that you are
And speak where you can’t?

I wish I were there
I would have stretched my arms wide
And stood my ground
Just like you

I wanted to married under your shade
By the river
To feel the damp ground over your roots
As I’ve done my whole life
And know I was safe
I was grounded

A loss so big
You’ll be missed in the skyline

And to me
You’ll always be

My spirit tree