Help (they’re calling for)

Help, new 7 tracks album by NoSushi Track List: 1.Call for help 02:44 2.I will be there 05:02 3.In the city 03:36 4.It’s a struggle 04:09 5.Mysterious in some ways 02:27 6.Repencore 02:14 7.There is no answer 05:11   Listen to full album for free:   Download Help Album by NoSushi.   Get support: Depression […]

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From Inside

From Inside: NoSushi latest album   Track List: 1.2109 02:52 2.Alistair 03:21 3.Am I already dead ? 03:47 4.Glorious 03:45 5.InfraWorld 03:15 6.No Control 02:24 7.The Messenger 04:41   Sometime moody, sometime punchy, “From Inside” is a reflection of inner sanctum and chaotic emotions altogether.   Listen to full album for free:   Download hi […]

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Galaxian Blues

Galaxian Blues is the new 7 tracks album released by NoSushi.   Track list: 1. Blues 04:57 2. Colonies 02:48 3. Ding Dong 05:21 4. Etheral 08:09 5. Galaxian 08:00 6. Not Good 03:16 7. Patient 05:56   Listen to full album for free:  

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The End

New 3 tracks mini album by NoSushi Track list In this life Shall do it again Too much sand Listen to full album The End   Get high quality album download now. 

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I am safe

I am safe, time to renovate…. Lyrics and voice by Madam Snowflake, music by NoSushi. Lyrics: I’m safe ‘Cause I’ve conquered fear I’m safe Time to renovate Transmutate Time to renovate Transmutate (change) I’m safe ‘Cause I’ve faced my death I’m safe Time to renovate Transmutate Time to renovate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate   […]

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Little Stars

Little Stars is a collaboration mini album by NoSushi and Susan Ackerman Joseph. Based on ccMixter platform …infinite and historical resource for Creative Commons   Listen to  full album Little Stars:      

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Deserts 2020

New release by NoSushi: Deserts 2020   Track list: 1. Amplify 05:12 2. BipBip 03:28 3. Cuiser 04:14 4. Desert Mind 04:40 5. Despair 3 07:13 6. Eastern Memories 05:26 7. Fragile 05:18 8. Neo Soul 03:50  

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