The End

New 3 tracks mini album by NoSushi Track list In this life Shall do it again Too much sand Listen to full album The End   Get high quality album download now. 

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I am safe

I am safe, time to renovate…. Lyrics and voice by Madam Snowflake, music by NoSushi. Lyrics: I’m safe ‘Cause I’ve conquered fear I’m safe Time to renovate Transmutate Time to renovate Transmutate (change) I’m safe ‘Cause I’ve faced my death I’m safe Time to renovate Transmutate Time to renovate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate Transmutate   […]

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Little Stars

Little Stars is a collaboration mini album by NoSushi and Susan Ackerman Joseph. Based on ccMixter platform …infinite and historical resource for Creative Commons   Listen to  full album Little Stars:      

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Deserts 2020

New release by NoSushi: Deserts 2020   Track list: 1. Amplify 05:12 2. BipBip 03:28 3. Cuiser 04:14 4. Desert Mind 04:40 5. Despair 3 07:13 6. Eastern Memories 05:26 7. Fragile 05:18 8. Neo Soul 03:50  

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In My Head

In my head, new album release by NoSushi: Track liksting: Beach: lounge music for late evening. Dark city: let’s walk outside, while the sun no longuer shines and shadows of angels share their confort. Neptune: the film score you need to feed your imagination. This future: guitar, slow tempo, a mellow composition.   Listen to […]

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Debris is abstract music with piano and psychoacoustic processes   Listen for free before downloading high resolution mp3 of Debris by NoSushi    

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Scanners is a three parts opus of meditative yet uplifting music. Containing subtle police scanners conversations. With this 60 minutes album, NoSushi expand his downtempo adventure, diving into ambient, lush recordings. Scanners album is available here under for free streaming :   Tracks from the album: 1.Scanner 1 Case is solved 20:31 2.Scanner 2 10687 […]

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