NoSushi: piano and electronic music composer

Q: How did the band form and come up with the name NoSushi?
I took the name from a play on word in French, “No-Soucis” which turned to be NoSushi.

Q: How long has the band been around?
I am now going on my 10th year as a producer.

Q: How have the people closest to you reacted to your music?
Some like to see it as a mirror of myself, other take it as if it was not me playing (laughs…)
Q: If you were not musician’s what would you be?
Probably something related mind and soul (which I am actually doing for earning my living, I’m an hypnotherapeute and sophrologist)

Q: Who or what inspired you to become musicians?
At the age of 5, my parents gave me my first piano lessons. I was much more interested by the toys above the piano than playing sounds with this instrument.
Then as a kid, I was fascinated with live music. From the times I used to listen to vinyl record with my parents. To the times I used to go see bands like depeche mode or cure in the 80’s. I was always involved in music before sports or any other activities.