Locked, the new masterpiece from NoSushi, opens sounding like David Sylvian on coffee, drawing influences from Daniel Johnson and Afghan Whigs, with a knowing nod to Phoebus. 

Locked is the dance-electro-ers’ attempt at daring, standout, lovelorn dabbling techno.

“Northern Lights” echoes strains of a MC5-esque disconnection, with a penchant for minimalist guitar sonic palette and precious guitarl dabbling, while the more stripped-down “Beaucoup Flesh” slows it down, reminiscent of Tom Waits on methadone. However, NoSushi moves at cloud speed with “Stranger than I thought”. But such lack of design has its own charm. The result? starkly beautiful, fashionable, exquisite alt-emo. Perfect for cross-dressing during a thunderstorm at home.