Around this world

Around this world takes you in a round the world musical trip

  1. Aquabon,  a Moby touch in the soft layers and electronic rythms
  2. Desert Dreams, quiet and peacefull, with a Yello flavor
  3. Domwel, let’s dive in Berlin night life parties, inspired by Underworld most famous tracks
  4. Dust, and here we embark to India thanks to mesmerizing tablas and eastern harmonies
  5. Laments is trip hop at its best, with deep bass and down tempo rythms
  6. More mystery like an halucinated trip to Australia
  7. Pentatonic C, where we meet mister Ryuchi Sakamato ….now let’s continue our trip Around this world ….
  8. Raga night and we make a big circle trip to Chandannaga during the monsoon, listen to the rain !
  9. Salty Tears leads us to US west coast, where we take a deep breath as if we’re doing yoga at the beach
  10. Some mystery, a road movie original score… crushed by the extreme temperatures of the middle west
  11. Tranquility is about a two days escape to Maryland


So this is what Around this world is about.

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